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Office 365 Hosted Email

What You Need to Know After the Migration

Please review this important information after your email account is migrated to Office 365 hosted email to understand how some things may have changed.

Global Address List

The Global Address Book for your Office 365 hosted email is different from the one you used with your campus-hosted email. Although the two address books are synchronized, it is possible that there will be different information in each, especially with regards to student email addresses. If you see something unusual, please contact the IT Help Desk to report it so that we can try to fix it.

Outlook Rules

All of your Outlook server-side rules will automatically get moved when your mailbox is moved to Office 365 hosted email.  However, in some cases they may no longer work as expected.  One example is that rules written to take action on emails “from people or public group” may need to be re-written to take action on “with specific words or phrases in the sender’s address”, especially if that address is not in our global address book.  Another example are advanced rules written to catch specific email headers, as those headers may change in Office 365 hosted email.

Shared Email or Calendars

If your department uses a shared emailed address or calendar and it has not moved to Office 365 hosted email, please email with the name of the shared email or calendar for further investigation.

Understand the new "Clutter" Feature

The new "Clutter" feature of Office 365 hosted email moves low priority messages out of your Inbox. The Clutter feature analyzes your email habits, and based on past behavior, it determines the message that you're most likely to ignore and moves them to a special folder named "Clutter", where you can review them later. If "Clutter" wrongly identifies an item, simply move it back to your Inbox folder to teach it not to mark that type of item as Clutter in the future.

You may disable the "Clutter" feature at any time via Outlook Web Mail:

  1. Log in to Office 365 at using your CCSU email address and current BlueNet password.
  2. Click on Settings (the gear icon in the upper-right corner)/Options/Mail/Automatic processing/Clutter.
  3. Uncheck "Separate items identified as Clutter" and click on Save.

Click here for more information regarding the "Clutter" feature.

Need Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at 860-832-1720 or via email at