Information Technology Department


Banner/Oracle Strong Passwords

For enhanced data security and to satisfy a recommendation made by the external auditors, the IT Department uses an expiring password in the Banner ERP system (Internet Native Banner).

Password Management Procedures

1. Expire passwords

  • Passwords expire every 60 days

2. Keep password history

  • The last 10 passwords are kept and cannot be re-used

3. Enforce password complexity

  • Passwords will contain at least one character (a..z, A..Z)
  • Passwords will contain at least one digit (0..9)
  • Passwords will be at least 7 characters long
  • Passwords cannot contain spaces or any of these special characters: @ $ & ( ) = # < > , ;
  • On password change, new password must differ from previous password by at least 3 characters

4. Lock account on failed logon

  • Lock account after 3 failed logon attempts
  • Account is locked for unlimited days and can only be unlocked by the IT Help Desk

Password Expirations

When passwords expire, the business users will be prompted for a new password during their next Internet Native Banner (INB) login. After the initial expiration, business users will be allowed to use the Banner Form "GUAPSWD"  to change their password at any time which will also reset the expiration clock to 60 days.  To access GUAPSWD, click on Change Banner Password from the main menu of Banner.
Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice President/Chief Officer for the functional unit and will only be granted for accounts associated with batch (reporting) output processing.


Please call the IT Help Desk 860-832-1720 for assistance with resetting and/or unlocking your Banner password/account.