IT Project Proposal Process

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IT Project Proposal Process

Welcome to the Information Technology Department's Project Proposal web page.

If you are requesting that we create a unique product or service that may result in a new IT project you must request it through the ITS Project Submission Website

Use of the template is required and the information you provide will enable us to better evaluate the functional, technical, and resource related needs of a project. Just as importantly, the IT Project Proposal template provides a consistent and detailed mechanism that will help us track and prioritize our projects.

An example of what constitutes a project could be a request that results in customized programming and/or the creation or purchase of a new software application.

On the other hand, emergency fixes that require immediate attention to restore a system to full operation is not considered a project. For these types of routine technology support requests, please contact our IT Help Desk at

Depending on the complexity of the project, some requests may be assigned as active projects and implemented quickly based on IT resources and timeline. However, many of our projects, done in partnership with other University departments, may require extensive technical resources, planning, and time that will need to be evaluated and prioritized.

After you submit the IT Project Proposal, you will be contacted by an IT staff member regarding the status and priority of your project. In some cases, you may be asked to meet with other experts or stakeholders regarding your proposal.

Any questions regarding the process or proposal template/directions should be directed to Stanley Styrczula at 860-832-1725 or