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As we work to remain operational during this evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, here are some key strategies and resources to help you make the shift to working remotely.

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WebEx Information and Resources (updated often with new information)

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Microsoft Teams Information and Resources

Helpful Information for Students

Helpful Information for Faculty & Staff

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Faculty, Staff, UA's, and Student Workers who were loaned computer equipment from the IT Dept. You will need to check your CCSU email regarding instructions for returning them. Information will be coming soon.
  • Service Request Form for Mail Scanning Opt-In
  • IT has limited quantities of computers and various computer peripherals available.
  • Do you need to make calls or take incoming calls from your office phone? Jabber is now available for both CCSU and non-CCSU-issued computers.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is FREE for Faculty & Staff - click here for further information

  • For those who need to use Datapriv remotely - it is now available directly from the browser on all CCSU computers (not personal computers). Personal computers still need to go into Citrix. (
  • Update on WebEx/Teams Training The WebEx/Teams Training sessions are no longer available. However, if you didn't attend training, click here to watch the recording.
  • Faculty & Staff who are approved for obtaining CCSU issued computers, look for an email regarding pick up. Remember, you will only receive a computer if you have received an email that your request was approved. The IT department is working with the campus leaders, division directors, and deans to prioritize a small number of laptops and desktops for staff. Those picking up that equipment should be on a list which was approved by their division area executive (Dean or VP).
  • If you have a CCSU computer at home, you can access the Secure Enclave directly at
  • If you are using Remote Application Server (Citrix) please be aware that there are some inactivity timeouts to preserve licenses. In all cases, you can log back in as long as there are licenses available.

CCSU issued (secure) computers

  • Idle/Inactive computers are logged out after 2 hours.
  • Active computers are never logged out.

Personally owned computers

  • Idle/Inactive computers are logged out after 3 hours.
  • Active computers are logged out after 12 hours.

Security Reminders for Faculty and Staff

  • Per the Board of Regents, System CIO, please be advised that no DCL3 hard copy, paper data/files is to be taken home.
  • Block your personal number from displaying on caller id - type *67 to block your number.

Helpful Information for Everyone (including Students)

  • Bluenet/Email passwords expiration has been extended from 120 to 240 days.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been extended from 7 to 14 days.
  • For anyone in need of Internet access, Internet Essentials is offering free Internet for two months and providing refurbished computers for qualifying students for approximately $150. Click here for more information.
  • Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon agreed to open up free WiFi hotspots.  Go to their respective web sites for more information.

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