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Visa Sample

The non-immigrant U.S. visa is issued by United States Embassies or Consulates outside the United States. A visa indicates that you are eligible to enter the United States.


I-94 Form

I-94 Card (Arrival/Departure Document -

You will NO LONGER be given an I-94 Card at the point of entry into the United States by air or sea. The Customs and Border Protection will provide an ADMISSION STAMP on your passport, which will show the date of admission, visa type and required departure date (admitted until date). The admission stamp indicates how long you may remain in the United States. (It should not be confused with the visa, which only authorizes permission to attempt entry into the U.S.) A copy of your I-94 can be printed from, if required for any purpose such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Office, etc.

Form I-20

I-20 Form



Sample of Passport