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The Connecticut State Sentencing Commission

The Connecticut Sentencing Commission is an independent state criminal justice agency established to review, research, and make recommendations concerning Connecticut's criminal justice system. The Commission chairperson is Justice David Borden and vice chairperson is John Santa. Alex Tsarkov serves as the Executive Director.

The Commission consists of 23 voting members, including judges, prosecutors, criminal defense counsel, the commissioners of the departments of Correction, Public Safety, and Mental Health and Addiction Services, the victim advocate, the executive director of the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch, a municipal police chief, the chairperson of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the undersecretary of the Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division of the Office of Policy and Management, and members of the public appointed by the Governor and the leaders of the General Assembly.

The Institute of Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) supports the Commission's professional staff and also provides administrative resources as necessary to further its mission.

To learn more, please visit the CT Sentencing Commission website:

Alex Tsarkov, Executive Director

Leland Moore, Esq., Research and Policy Associate


The Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity

The Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System was created by the Connecticut General Assembly on October 1, 2000 through Public Act 00-154. The Commission is a permanent body chaired by the Chief Court Administrator or his/her designee. CT Supreme Court Justice Lubbie Harper, Jr. is the current chairperson for the Commission, whose members meet bi-monthly. The Commission's work is directed through a Steering Committee composed of Commission members who meet regularly to set the agenda for the full Commission meetings.

The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Purchasing Services Office, released a Request for Proposals (RFP) on August 28, 2007. The duties of the Consultant, as outlined within the RFP, were to provide technical and administrative assistance to the Commission. Several proposals were submitted by individuals as well as agencies. Proposals were reviewed by a team of Commission members who, after lengthy discussion and consideration, chose the Institute for Municipal & Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) to act as Consultant to the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System.

Further information is available at the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity's website.