Designation of Retirement Plan (CO-931h)

Designation of Retirement Plan Beneficiary (CO-999)

CO-1208 Rehired SERS & ARP retirees Only


Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans Comparison

Alternate Retirement Program (ARP)

Prudential Financial


State Employees Retirement System (SERS)

Tier II (Hired between 07/02/1984 and 06/30/1997)

Tier IIA (Hired 07/01/1997 or later)

Tier III (Hired 07/11/2011 or later)

Hybrid Plan (Hired before 07/01/2011 & in ARP - have this option until 03/31/12)


Teachers' Retirement Board 


Deferred Compensation Plans At a Glance

403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement

457 Participation Agreement