History - Undergraduate

History Department


Contact Information

Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall, Room 216

Mark Jones
Department Chair, Professor

Aimee Loiselle
Secondary Education Coordinator
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall 216-14




There are many different options to study History as an undergrad student at CCSU.

If you are looking for a traditional B.A. degree, you’ll find what you need here. 

The Department offers four minors.  

History minor: 18 credits in History

Public History minor: for students interested in exploring history outside of the academic setting, including museums, historical societies, material culture studies, historic preservation, and other avenues. 

Polish Studies minor: Polish history, language, and culture.

Social Studies minor: Combine credits in History, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, and Sociology.


You can also find information on a variety of scholarships, the History Club, and Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society.