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Norton Mezvinsky

Norton Mezvinsky

Professor of History Emeritus

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Email: mezvinskyn@ccsu.edu

Areas of Specialization:

Modern Middle East, Arab-Israeli Conflict, U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Norton Mezvinsky received his B.A. in history from the University of Iowa in 1954. He completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in history at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1956 and 1959, respectively. In 1959-1960, he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of Liberty in History at Harvard University. He joined the CCSU faculty in 1967. Prior to his arrival, he taught at the University of Michigan and the City College of New York. In 1998, he received academic recognition awards from Ain Shams University (Egypt) and the Middle East Research Center in Cairo. In 2001, he received an academic medal from the Center for Asian Studies at Cairo University. In 2002, the Board of Trustees named him a Connecticut State University Professor.

Dr. Mezvinsky’s teaching interests include U.S. history between 1877 and 1920, U.S. immigration history, the Arab-Israeli conflict, history of Judaism, and terrorism in the post-modern world. At present, he is writing a book manuscript on fundamentalist, evangelical Christian Zionism and its effect on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Another volume, entitled Women in Traditional Judaism, is under contract with Pluto Press.

Selected publications:

  • Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (London: Pluto, 1999; 2nd ed., 2004). Co-authored with Israel Shahak; Hebrew and English editions. The first edition has been re-printed in Arabic (Roz Al Yusef Press, Cairo, 2002), Turkish (Anka Yayinlavi Publishers, Istanbul, 2002), and Czech (forthcoming). Hebrew and Urdu translations of the second edition are forthcoming.
  • Anti-Zionism: Analytical Reflections (Brattleboro, Vt.: Amana, 1988). Edited with Roselle Tekiner and Samir Abed Rabbo.
  • The Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights; Report. Human Rights Violations during the Palestinian Uprising, 1988-1989 (Tel Aviv: The League for Human and Civil Rights, 1989). Edited pamphlet.
  • Documents from Israel, 1967-1973: Readings for a Critique of Zionism (London: Ithaca Press, 1975). Edited with Uri Davis.
  • "The Underlying Realities of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict after 11 September," Arab Studies Quarterly 25, nos. 1-2 (2003): 197-208.
  • "Reform Judaism and Zionism: Early History and Change," in Anti-Zionism: Analytical Reflections (see above), 313-339.
  • "Humanitarian Dissent in Zionism: Martin Buber and Judah Magnes," in Elmer Berger, ed., Judaism or Zionism (London: Zed, 1986), 98-120.
  • "Zionism – Rejection of Dissent: The Case of Buber and Magnes," Journal for Arab and Islamic Studies 6 (1985): 27-45.
  • "Zionist Claims on Jerusalem," The Search: Journal for Arab and Islamic Studies 2 (April 1981), 447-462.
  • "The Palestinian People and the Right of Self-Determination," in Hans Koechler, ed., The Legal Aspects of the Palestine Problem with Special Regard to the Question of Jerusalem, Studies in International Relations no. 4 (Vienna: Braumüller, 1981), 34-49.
  • "The Jewish Faith," in Salem Azzam, ed., Jerusalem: The Key to World Peace (London: Islamic Council of Europe, 1980), 21-38.
  • "The Zionist Character of the State of Israel," in Gary V. Smith, ed., Zionism: The Dream of the Reality (London and New York: David & Charles and Barnes & Noble, 1974), 244-256.
  • "Scientific Temperance Instruction in the Schools," History of Education Quarterly 1, no. 1 (1961): 48-56.