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Kate McGrath

Kate McGrath

Associate Professor of History 

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Email: mcgrathkae@ccsu.edu

Kate McGrath received her B.A. in history with honors and B.A. in political science, summa cum laude, from the University of Georgia in 2002. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. in medieval history at Emory University in 2007. Prior to her arrival at CCSU, she also taught at Emory University and the University of Georgia.

Her research examines how medieval writings on feuds and other conflicts imputed anger to disputants in such a way as to characterize and evaluate the conduct of nobles implicated in acts of violence. Anger served to reflect and reinforce ideal aristocratic social expectations and relationships in medieval Northern France and Anglo-Norman territories in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. By investigating the boundaries around honorable and shameful displays of anger in these texts, my research hopes to expand on contemporary debates about the nature of chivalry by arguing that anger functioned as an important cultural ‘script’ to regulate ideal relations between nobles and their dependents.

In addition to offering courses in medieval European history and world history, she also works with the Social Studies Secondary Education Program, the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor, and the First Year Experience program.  

Selected Publications:

  • “The Politics of Chivalry: The Function of Anger and Shame in Eleventh-and Twelfth-Century Anglo-Norman Historical Narratives.” In Feud, Violence and Practice: Essays in Honor of Stephen D. White. Edited by Belle Tuten and Tracey Billado, 55-69. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2010. ISBN: 0-7546-6411-6.
  • “Royal Madness and the Law: The Role of Anger in Representations of Royal Authority in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Anglo-Norman Texts.” In Madness in Medieval Law and Custom. Edited by Wendy Turner, 123-146. Leiden: Brill, 2010. ISBN: 978-90-04-18749-8.
  • “English Jews as Outcasts: The Ritual Murder of Little St. Hugh of Lincoln in Matthew Paris’s Chronica Majora.” In British Outlaws of Literature and History: Essays on Medieval and Early Modern Figures from Robin Hood to Twm Shon Catty. Edited by Alex Kaufman, 11-27. Jefferson: McFarland, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-7864-5877-6.
  • “For a Mother’s Love: The Role of Maternal Affection in the Regulation of Aristocratic Anger.” In Love, Friendship, Marriage: 32nd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum at Plymouth State University (April 15-16, 2011), vol. 1. Edited by Raffaele Florio and Aniesha Andrews, 97-101. Weston, MA: Public Heritage Institute Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-147009113-2.
  • “The ‘Zeal of God’:  The Representation of Anger in the Latin Crusade Accounts of the 1096 Rhineland Massacres.” In Slay Them Not: Jews in Medieval Christendom. Edited by Merrall Price and Kris Utterback. Leiden: Brill, 2013. ISBN: 978-900425043-7.