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Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall
Suite 216
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Katherine A. Hermes

Department Chair
Professor of History
(860) 832-2818
email: hermesk@ccsu.edu

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(860) 832-2800
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Stephen Armstrong

Secondary Education Coordinator
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall 216


Welcome to the Department of History at CCSU

We have a few core beliefs about the nature of our discipline and its role in the university and in our society. The first is that “history” is not the past; history is what we do to the past in the present. At a deeper level, history is the questions we ask about the past and the meaning we find in our answers. We engage the sources of the past, both as faculty members and as students, because the study of the past teaches us how to be human in the present. And all of this is important because as individuals and as a society, we are what we remember.

In addition, the study of the past fosters the skills and habits of the mind needed to excel in today’s world, both as an educated citizen and as a member of the economy.

The History Department at CCSU is a diverse and vibrant community of learners engaging with each other through an exploration of the past. Our faculty members are accomplished teachers and scholars who bring their years of education and research to every class. They help our students develop the critical thinking and communication skills needed to succeed in every economic and civic venture they will face in the years after they leave CCSU.

The jobs that our current students will have in thirty years may not have been invented yet, but the skills honed in our classrooms, such as the ability to analyze, evaluate, and communicate complicated arguments, means they will be ready to tackle those new challenges and opportunities. Our students go on to pursue careers in teaching, academia, government, law, public history (museums and historic preservation), and in the private sector. Our graduates work for such varied employers as the US Department of Agriculture, the United States Senate, Crosskey Architects, ESPN, Traveler's Insurance, and many more.

You can read what our graduates say about our program on the Alumni page.
I also invite you to click over to our “Why History” page to hear from business leaders about why they hire History graduates.

We encourage you to look at the Introduction to our 2018-2019 Annual Report. You can also learn more about the quality of our Department and our faculty members by reading the Report on the Undergraduate and MA Programs in History from a past president of the American Historical Association or browsing through the Faculty pages.

Notes From the Chair” will keep you updated on the most recent accomplishments of our faculty and students.

(For assessment purposes, you can follow this link for our official "learning outcomes.")