Student Services Collaboration Committee

Unified Customer Service Principles & Practices

Mission: Our mission is to collaborate to provide service excellence to the CCSU community.


  • Own the problem
  • Timely follow through
  • Research answers
  • Provide accurate, concise, and complete information
  • Collaborate and share information
  • Be collegial
  • Clearly explain next steps 

Accuracy & Effectiveness

  • Listen, listen, listen
  • Pay attention
  • Be patient
  • Paraphrase back
  • Know the policies and procedures
  • Understand your role
  • Know the roles of the other offices

Integrity & Professionalism

  • Smile and greet
  • Do not assume, get all of the information
  • Think of how you can help and offer alternatives
  • Remember, the student may be hearing something for the first time
  • Empathize
  • Be aware of your tone
  • Use positive language

Remember, to the students and their families, YOU are CCSU