Here4U - Goals




Goals, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Student Services Collaborative group Mission Statement

"Our mission is to collaborate to provide service excellence to the CCSU community."


  • To engage student service departments in activities that increase positive student service and decrease unnecessary run-around.

Objectives: (sample)

  • Reduce the run-around, based on scoring from the SSI survey
  • Contribute to student satisfaction and student retention

Learning Outcomes:

University Student Providers will: (suggestions)

  • Participate in interdepartmental partnerships through program activities
  • Collaborate and share information interdepartmentally
  • Convey accurate information or refer students appropriately
  • Participate in professional development programs that support students
  • Create opportunities to network with colleagues on a continual basis
  • Acquire skills that contribute to positive service interactions
  • Apply interdepartmental collaboration results to enhance student satisfaction
  • Demonstrate positive interactions with students

Enabling activities:

  • Participate in round table discussions based on roles
  • Partake in teambuilding activities to get to know colleagues
  • Participate in activities to learn how to respond to difficult situations
  • Engage in office visits to different departments
  • Engage students in focus groups to attain direct information concerning their needs for service

Student Service Collaboration Committee Members:

Jean Alicandro, Director, Residence Life
Ryan Baumann, Residence Life
Jeff Benner, Card Office
Frank Bitetto, Financial Aid
Nancy Boscarino, Registrar's Office
Donna DeCarlo, Recruitment & Admissions
Betsy Fangiullo, Bursar
Christina Robinson, Dean, Graduate Studies
Natalie Ford, The Learning Center
Larry Hall, Director, Admissions
Ramon Hernandez, Student Affairs
Meg Leake, Director, The Learning Center
Melina Lopez, Bursar's Office

Anthony Martinez, Financial Aid
Kevin Oliva, Director, Academic Center for Student Athletes
Rebecca Pickering, Office of the Registrar
Tina-Marie Rivera, Manager, IT Help Desk
Shiann Rutledge, Perkins Loan Office
Nicole Spencer, Veteran Affairs Office
Diann Thomson, Marketing & Communications
Patrick Tucker, Registrar
Lisa Washko, Manager, Student Technology Center
D'Lon Wilcox, Business Services
Carolyn Yousef, Art