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GSA Society Scholarship


One of the Graduate Student Assembly’s (GSA) missions is to provide funding for graduate student societies, research projects, and educational conferences. As a student-run and student-elected organization the GSA creates events that enhance the graduate student experience at Central. It is our duty to support the academic excellence of Blue Devils graduate students, which we do (in part) through the conference and research scholarship competitions. That is to say, we provide funding to enable graduate students to attend conferences and/or conduct research that enables students to create long-lasting networks and garner recognition that will benefit them after graduate school. We encourage our graduate students to enrich their knowledge by attending professional conferences relevant to their field of study. When seeking funding for research, remember it can be a boost to your next job opportunity. The GSA is a governing body that is here to support graduate students in their professional development by providing resources that will empower them as community. When attending conferences or submitting your research for review keep in mind that you are representing Central.

Remember you belong to a community of scholars that fosters a spirit of intellectual curiosity and lives according to personal and professional values. Go out there, take the initiative to shape your future and strive for excellence.

  • Please complete the form in its entirety and attach any additional documents (required *) which would offer more information to your budget application.
  • Be sure to include contact information, including email addresses or phone numbers for any questions that may arise during the review of your budget application.
  • The Society budget request should not exceed $1,500.00.
  • NOTE: Submit the budget application form by February 3rd, 2022. Societies that are unable to meet the deadline, or that form later in the academic year will have the opportunity to submit a budget for the following semester - Fall 2020
  • Upon submission of the budget request, the GSA Executive Board will review and vote on the application. The E-Board will reach out to the Society if there are any questions or concerns. The Online application does not require Faculty Advisor signature, however, Faculty Advisor will be notified. 
  • The Vice President of Finance will reach out to the Society to inform them of their request status.
  • Please allow time from submission of the application for approval.

*If you have any questions or concerns, please consult the GSA constitution or contact an executive board member.

*Failure to submit documentation will result in an incomplete application, and will not be considered during the approval process.

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