Graduate Student assembly

Graduate Student Assembly


Graduate Student Assembly


The Graduate Student Assembly of Central Connecticut State University includes members of full-time and any part-time graduate students. The organization supports CCSU's graduate community by sponsoring orientation activities for new students, lectures, and research and conference scholarships. The latter assists graduate students to attend conferences or to complete research associated with their Graduate Studies. The GSA also funds the activities of graduate student societies in the academic departments. In addition to sponsoring graduate student programs and activities, the GSA serves as a representative organization promoting graduate student interests on the Central Connecticut State University campus. The GSA president is a member of the President's Cabinet, which includes the University's administrative officers, presidents of the Faculty Senate, and the Student Government Association. In addition, full-time and part-time students are represented on the University Planning Committee, the University Budget Committee, and the Graduate Studies Committee.

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Graduate Students, CCSU would really like your feedback. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is inviting input from students on their vision for Central and its future. As students, you can provide a more in-depth perspective that is invaluable in order to achieve CCSU's goals. We would really like your input by taking the time to complete a quick 15-minute survey. You may access the survey through the following website: Thank you! 



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