Finding Funding

Funding Database

CCSU faculty, students and staff may take advantage of University subscription to SPIN, a valuable funding opportunity resource.

SPIN Database of Funding Opportunities

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) contains information from more than 1,200 different sponsoring agencies, which together fund over 11,000 separate funding opportunities. From any on-campus computer connected to the internet, faculty, student and staff can access the SPIN Database, requesting a specialized search. All of the information on SPIN is obtained directly from the sponsoring agencies to ensure the integrity of the information. It is a computer database with detailed and up-to-the-minute information about thousands of federal, non-federal, and international funding opportunities.


SPIN Powerpoint tutorial

Please contact the Office of Grants and Funded Research if you experience any difficulty in accessing this resource.

Federal Funding Opportunities See the GFR page of Federal Website Links to learn about additional funding opportunities.

Too confusing?
Contact Grants & Funded Research at or call Rod Waterman at (860) 832-2365 for personal assistance with your external funding needs.