Grants & Funded Research - External Grants Timeline

External Grants Submission Process Timeline for Applicants:

At least 30 days prior to submission deadline

Applicants complete an “Intent to Apply Form" through the website.

At least 3 weeks prior to submission deadline

Based on your specific funding announcement, RFP, and/or application package, the Office of Grants and Funded Research will provide a detailed checklist of all materials required to complete your grant application.  This checklist will note who is responsible for providing each piece of the complete proposal packet. 

At least 2 weeks prior to submission deadline

The primary applicant(s) must submit a final draft of the entire proposal and budget to the Office of Grants and Funded Research. 

When submitting the final draft, the applicant must also submit a hard copy of the CCSU Grants and Funded Research Routing Sheet that includes the project director’s signature, the department chairperson’s signature, and the dean’s/director’s signature. 

Upon submission

The Office of Grants and Funded Research will confirm that the application packet is complete, will collect all necessary remaining signatures for the routing sheet, will consult with the Post-Awards Grants Administration Office regarding any outstanding budgetary issues, and will consult with the primary applicant(s) regarding the submission of the proposal to the funding agency.