Grants & Funded Research - External Grants Policies

External Grants Policies

If you would like to apply for an external grant, you must electronically submit a simple “Intent to Apply Form” at least 30 days before the application deadline.  Please consult the “CCSU External Grants Submission Process Timeline for Applicants” if you plan to apply for an external grant for more detailed instructions regarding internal deadlines and the responsibilities of the primary applicant. Applicants are encouraged to begin the approval process as far in advance of the proposal deadline as possible. 

The sooner you discuss your proposal with the Office of Grants and Funded Research, the more help we will be able to offer you throughout the submission process.  We are available to assist you at every stage of the external grant submissions process.  The services our office can provide to CCSU faculty and staff include: 

  • Providing guidance in identifying funding opportunities,
  • Assisting with editing project narratives,
  • Developing and reviewing budgets and budget narratives,
  • Compiling supplemental documentation,
  • Obtaining letters of support,
  • Verifying final proposal draft meets sponsor requirements,
  • Assisting with completing internal routing sheet and obtaining institutional signatures,
  • Submitting complete proposals on behalf of the primary applicant(s) and CCSU.

The Office of Grants and Funded Research works in close conjunction with the Post-Award Grants Office on proposal budgets and grant-related financial issues, to ensure a smooth administrative process for proposals that receive funding.

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