Geological Sciences - Undergraduate Candidates

Geological Sciences


Undergraduate BSED Candidates

Secondary Science

If you are planning to become a secondary science teacher, CCSU offers certification programs in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, General Science, and Physics (7-12). Typically, students pursue the degree by taking general education and science classes until they have completed approximately 60-70 credits. At that point, it is appropriate to talk with your adviser about the timing of applying to the Professional Program. You cannot take any education classes until after your acceptance into the Professional Program.

The State of Connecticut requires that students be admitted to programs in teacher education only after they have met certain criteria. Admission to CCSU and pursuit of a BSED program does not guarantee admission to the Professional Program. There is a lot of preparation involved in submitting a successful Professional Program application, so again, the earlier you start the better your chances of meeting the deadlines. The Professional Program application deadlines are usually 10 September and 10 February. Applications are available online and in the School of Education and Professional Studies in Barnard Hall. You may also download the Important Guidelines to assist you in your application.

Program plans for BSED in Biology and Chemistry are administered through those departments.

Elementary Education (Specializations in Science) 

The Elementary Education program prepares teacher to teach in an elementary school, grades Kindergarten through 6.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Marsha Bednarski or Dr. Jeff Thomas.