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Geological Sciences


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The Geological Sciences programs at CCSU provide a wide range of opportunities for students to explore the Earth and Earth processes, as well as the planets within our solar system and the stars beyond. Our programs emphasize:

A hands-on education

CCSU is located in central Connecticut, in one of the most geologically diverse regions in the country. We have most major rock types nearby, as well as glacial features and the long Island coast. Therefore, field work is a very important component of our instructional program and is integrated into most courses. In a typical 4-year degree program our students will gain over 100 hours of field experience in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Massachusetts. In addition, Geological Sciences students have many additional opportunities to participate in field trips that will facilitate the study of earth processes, earth resources, earth history and environments that people have modified. Our growing Department has state-of-the-art analytical equipment for faculty and student research, and access to additional equipment at nearby universities.

A research focus

All students have the opportunity to work on active research projects. We highly encourage our students to get involved as soon they feel comfortable in their academic program. It is not unusual to have students participate in research in their sophomore, or even freshmen year. We require our students to do a “senior project” as a capstone experience to their degree. This project enables a student to work on under the supervision of a faculty member and write a research report. Most students elect to present their results at a professional conference.

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