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Department of Geography


About the Graduate Program

Central Connecticut State University has the oldest graduate program in Geography in the state of Connecticut. The graduate program was initiated in 1962 with a Master of Science in Social Science, and in 1976 CCSU began to offer a Master of Science in Geography. Most students use their MS in Geography to further their professional career aspirations. However, students also receive their MS in Geography as preparation for pursuing a Ph.D. degree program at major universities.

The Geography Department is committed to student learning and personal development through innovative teaching, high quality field application, and use of geotechnology. The graduate program is designed to be flexible in order to meet the varied needs of a wide range of students with varied academic backgrounds. Our goals are to ensure that students:

  • Have an environment in which they learn about the breadth, depth, and complexity of the human experience through the study of Geography.
  • Develop mastery of theoretical knowledge and provide experience with practical applications.
  • Obtain the training and experience they need to increase their competitiveness in the job markets.
  • Graduate with a greater chance of fulfilling their professional development goals.
  • Graduate with an informed appreciation and understanding of geographical thought, its philosophical background and debates, and the interpretation of geographical literature.
  • Graduate with an informed appreciation and understanding of the research methods in geography and the social sciences in general by completing a research thesis or project under academic supervision and guidance.
  • Are prepared for professional careers or further academic studies and research in Geography

Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes to a satisfactory level as judged by the appropriate performance indicators established for use in the assessment of the Graduate program in Geography.

  • Demonstrate the ability to develop a research proposal and carry out an independent research on a chosen topic
  • Develop a substantive claim of the literature in Geography in general and in at least one subfield of the subject.
  • Present and defend research work in oral and written literature using accepted social science research methods.
  • Demonstrate competent skills in the collection, analysis and mapping of geographic data.
  • Apply geographic knowledge and skills to solve a range of problems faced by businesses, industry, government etc.
  • Write effectively and persuasively about key theories, principles and issues in geography, and make appropriate citation of principal sources when making critical written arguments.
  • Know the major theories and important figures in the development of geography;
  • Be able to use geography outside the classroom; and
  • Be able to conduct and communicate the results of geographic research.

Degree Plans

The graduate program of the Geography Department offers the following degree options:

The master's program in Geography is based on students' interests and faculty expertise. Each graduate student's planned program of study is custom-designed to provide the best possible preparation for the career or future PhD study chosen by the student. Students enrolled in the M.S. in Geography program may emphasize any of the following areas:

  • Environmental studies
  • Cultural and world regional geography
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Computer mapping or geographic information systems
  • Travel and tourism