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Geography Courses Abroad

The Geography Department plays an integral role in helping CCSU realize its vision of "graduating broadly educated, culturally and globally aware students who will contribute meaningfully to their communities as engaged professionals and citizens." We provide many courses abroad for graduate and undergraduate students. Many of these opportunities are offered through the CCSU Center for International Education.



Past Study Abroad Courses

Over the years, the Geography Department has provided study abroad opportunities to more than 20 countries. These trips range from week long courses over winter break to month long summer programs. Highlights of past Geography Department trips are listed below:


Field Studies in Regional Geography: China

From Shanghai harbor to the northwest desert to the Great Wall in Beijing, this field research course aims to understand the geographic personality of this vast and dynamic country with thousands of years of history.


Moors, Mosques, and Medinas: Morocco

Use a geographic lens to examine the diverse ecological, cultural and ethnic landscapes of Morocco. Make a loop of the country starting and ending in Casablanca and visit nomads, tourism officials, souks, and Kasbahs.


Global Climate Change in Iceland

Learn about Global Climate Change in the Artic region and explore the island nation of Iceland as part of the Polar region. The objective is to provide a comprehensive foundation of knowledge about the issue of Global Climate Change.


Field Studies in Ghana

Learn about the history and culture of one of Africa’s beautiful countries, Ghana. Experience traditions and contemporary life, while exploring other aspects of Ghanaian culture.


GeoEcology, EcoTourism & Sustainability: Costa Rica

Nowhere else in the world are so many habitats squeezed into such a tiny section of land. The range of habitats in Costa Rica, a consequence of its unique geography, creates an incredibly rich diversity of flora and fauna. Experience the biodiversity first hand in rainforests, cloud forests, volcanoes, and Caribbean beach ecosystems.


Additional opportunities for study aboard are frequently offered. We hope you will join us on a future trip!