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Travel Expenses for Students using University Travel Funds

Students may be reimbursed for their expenses while traveling on University business using University funds (as opposed to using the Student Activity Fund) by any one of the following procedures, depending on which is most appropriate and convenient.

  • Undergraduate or graduate students may travel in-state or out-of-state under the same regulations and procedures as any University employee. An approved Travel Authorization is required for all out-of-state travel and in-state travel involving any non-mileage expense greater than $25.00 per trip. Upon return from the trip, a Travel Reimbursement form must be submitted to the Travel Office within 15 business days after completion of the trip if a travel advance is taken, or 30 calendar days after completion of the trip if an advance is not taken, with all required original receipts attached. Reimbursement of expenses will be consistent with established travel policies.

  • A student may obtain a travel advance under the same procedures used by employees. However, student advances are the responsibility of the sponsoring department. If a Travel Reimbursement form is not submitted to clear the advance within 15 business days after completion of the trip, the department sponsoring the travel will be charged for the amount of the advance. No further student travel advances will be allowed within that department until proper documentation is filed to clear the advance.

  • When student(s) travel with an employee, a list of the students and their CCSU ID numbers may be attached to the employee's travel authorization and submitted to the Travel Office. The employee will receive the advance, pay all costs of the trip and submit the Travel Reimbursement form with receipts covering aggregate expenses of the employee and all students.

Arrangements for lodging, transportation and registration fees related to student travel may be made via purchase order directly with appropriate vendors.