Disbursement of Aid

Financial Aid Office


Financial Aid Disbursement


Financial Aid Refunds

If students take advantage of all offered aid, it may be in excess of the cost for tuition. The excess funds can help provide money for books, off campus rent, supplies, or other indirect educational expenses. Otherwise, the student is responsible for paying the balance due.


Direct Deposit Blue Chip Advance (online) Blue Chip Advance (form)


When can I expect my Financial Aid Refund?

If the aid is over the cost of Tuition, Fees, etc., you can expect a financial aid refund approximately 5 weeks after the start of the Fall and/or Spring semester. 

Federal Work-Study Funds

Students working under the program receive a regular bi-weekly paycheck from CCSU for all hours worked during the pay period. These funds do not apply toward Tuition & Fees.