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CCSU Jazz Ensemble Crushes It

CCSU Jazz Ensemble Wins Villanova Collegiate Jazz Festival

On Saturday, March 28, the CCSU Jazz Ensemble blew away the competition at the annual Villanova Collegiate Jazz Festival. Be sure to watch the video clips linked below.

In the image above the students are:

Back Row: Evan Horn, Sara Cosgrove, Bill Cornish, Joe Walczyk, Andre Brown, Matt Belliveau, Isaac Monts, Dan Hollenbeck, Devonte Little, Nate Allen, Liam Shugrue, Jon Whitin
Middle Row: Mike Vita, William O'Keefe, Nick Gustafson, Joe Din, Dr. Carl Knox
Front: Kelly Moore, Jeff Spitzer

The Jazz Ensemble, directed by Dr. Carl Knox, won the following awards:

First Place Overall
Best Rhythm Section
Best Trumpet Section
Outstanding Soloist (Evan Horn, a Jazz Studies major; studies with Dr. Knox)

Check out these video clips of their performances: "Charlie"  "Chelsea" and "Down & Dirty"

Rhythm Section
Rhythm Section Players

Dan Hollenbeck (student of Ken Fischer)
Isaac Monts (student of Tom Melito)
Matt Belliveau (student of Rich Goldstein)
Andre Brown (student of Dr. Roy Wiseman)

Trumpet Section

Trumpet Section

Joe Walczyk (student of Dr. Dan D'Addio)
Devonte Little (student of Larry Gareau)
Mike Vita (student of Dr. Dan D'Addio)
Sara Cosgrove (student of Larry Gareau)
Liam Shugrue (student of Dr. Dan D'Addio)


Jazz Ensemble

William O'Keefe
Evan Horn
Nick Gustafson
Nate Allen

Jeff Spitzer
Jon Whitin
Joe Din
Bill Cornish
Kelly Moore

Mike Vita
Joe Walczyk
Liam Shugrue
Sara Cosgrove
Devonte Little

Rhythm Section
Dan Hollenbeck
Matt Belliveau
Andre Brown
Isaac Monts