2020-2021 Enrollment Marketing Campaign

Enrollment Marketing


Contact Information

Sue Collins
Special Assistant to the President for Foundation Affairs and Development


CCSU has been working with Adams & Knight to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

In late November, CCSU launched a survey and received feedback from more than 1,000 faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, and donors. They shared their views on what they believe to be the University’s key strengths, biggest differentiators, and logo (See Branding Survey).

After reviewing responses, we set to work to capture the key strengths stakeholders felt were most appealing in our current enrollment marketing efforts. Those messages have been brought to life in new TV spots, billboards, digital ads, social media posts, email and direct mail outreach, and videos (See Enrollment Marketing).

As a next step, CCSU will establish a differentiating brand positioning. Think of this as the one overarching, unifying statement that captures what we want to be known for in the marketplace — something that is true to who we are, relevant to our many audiences, and unique from other colleges and universities. 

Leveraging what we have learned from both internal and external research, we developed a few alternatives for consideration. The results of the brand-positioning survey will be shared here in late March.