English Department Graduate Capstone Requirements
Master's in English LiteratureMaster's in English Literature

English MA Capstone Projects

Generally, MA candidates need to commit in their second year to the capstone project they will fulfill to complete their degree requirements, although we prefer that students begin thinking about their options from their very first semester here. The choices include taking a two-day written exam based on a list of ten canonical literary texts or writing a 50 to 100 page thesis that takes up a specific theoretical and literary topic. Your choice depends upon your personal strengths as well as your goals following graduation. Students who want to apply for doctoral programs usually write the thesis to serve as a writing sample in the future; students who teach at the secondary level usually choose the exam because of its literary and historical breadth. However, we realize this decision is entirely personal and leave it up to you.

For more information on the written exam, click here.
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For more information on the Special Project (capstone C), click here.

If you have any questions regarding this decision or any other graduate related issues, feel free to contact the director of the English graduate program, Dr. Deborah Spillman.