Taylor A. Greene Writing Contest



CCSU/Taylor A. Greene High School Prose Writing Contest

Dear Connecticut High School English Teachers:

Central Connecticut State University’s English Department invites you to participate in the Taylor A. Greene Prose Writing Contest for high school students in Connecticut. Since teachers must nominate students’ work, you are a vital link in our efforts to make this contest a successful annual tradition. Seize this opportunity to draw attention to the top writers from your school and to offer them a chance to gain the sort of recognition that colleges often look for in applications.

What is the Taylor A. Greene Writing Contest?

Central Connecticut State University’s Writing Minors have launched this statewide high school prose writing contest for fiction and narrative nonfiction to honor the memory of Taylor A. Greene, CCSU class of 2017

All public and private high school students in Connecticut are eligible to submit work. 

Who Was Taylor Greene?

Taylor (headshot) Taylor and the Cheer Team Taylor & Cheerleading Friends Taylor (headshot) 

She loved editing other students’ work in writing workshops offered by the Writing Minors at Central Connecticut State University, and exhibited a level of care and intellectual engagement with the editing process that really set her apart. She spoke her mind, but fairly and always with constructive intent.

In her own writing, she flashed a terrific wit and had a knack for letting a story unfold, especially if it included members of her own family, until she had the entire class laughing at the closer! 

Taylor relished every part of the writing and editing process and aspired to a career in editing. She also loved CCSU, where she majored in English, minored in Creative Writing and was a beloved member of the university cheerleading team.

Taylor died in 2017 of an aneurysm. CCSU wishes to honor the memory of this energetic, caring, writer and editor with the Taylor A. Greene High School Prose Writing Contest. The Greene family feels that Taylor would be especially pleased to know that the winner of the contest will win a $1000 scholarship to CCSU, giving an energetic, smart and caring young state resident a chance to follow in Taylor’s footsteps.

If you wish to donate to the scholarship fund you can do so here. 

Mary Collins
Professor, Writing Minors
Central Connecticut State University