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FAQs for the Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education


What are the requirements for the program?

The requirements and general information regarding the English B.S. with Secondary Education Certification are set out on its website. Be sure that you have read and understood the information on this web page as it contains all the pertinent information regarding the program.

When do I apply to the program?

A student may apply to the program during the 5th semester, depending on overall GPA and GPA in the Major. For transfer students, applying to the program depends on transfer credits in both Gen Ed and the major. For either applicant it is necessary to have a face-to-face meeting with your content area advisor before applying.

Where do I find the program application material?

To obtain the application material, go to the office of Mary Pat Bigley, Henry Barnard Hall, Room 201 and ask for an application packet. Her office number is: 860-832-2112. E-mail: BIGLEYMAP@ccsu.edu

How important is advising and who will be my advisor?

Contacting your assigned advisor to be advised is the single most important task for the applicant. He or she should be your best academic friend. The advisor directs you through your academic map, making suggestions etc. Your advisor is your main connection to the program. You should find and arrange an introductory meeting with your advisor well before you are ready to apply to the program.

Can I prepare for my advising meetings?

Yes, one should always be prepared for a meeting with an advisor. It is best to have questions regarding course sequences so that semester schedules can planned out (and a Plan B should your original course plan not work out). Also, if you have any questions about your academic situation, your advisor is the go-to individual, always.

Is there a suggested sequence for the program courses?

This website explains the Secondary Education Professional Sequence of Courses:
‪Secondary Education Program Sequence‬‬‬ ‬‬

For suggested sequences of content area course see you advisor and for required sequences of courses between the School of Education and the English B. S. degree see the general statement on the web page and your advisor.

What is the program interview?

The program interview is the last stage of applying to the program. Passing the interview grants one admittance to the final course work necessary to finish the program and become certified, assuming all university and state requirements are completed as well.

The interview consists of a series of academic questions based on your content area knowledge. Three (or four) professors ask you these questions during a half hour session. The interview is seen as a conversation where the applicant answers the questions using readings and texts from the course work in the major to demonstrate an understanding of the literature. It is important to understand that this interview is based on the candidate's academic knowledge in the field of English; it is not about teaching per se.

How does one fail the interview?

One fails the interview by not preparing to discuss and reflecting on what has been learned in the content coursework. That is, not being able to articulate your knowledge about the subjects of your courses in a concise, straightforward manner, trying to memorize an answer, or failing to take the interview with a seriousness of purpose.

What happens if I fail the interview?

If a candidate fails the interview, he or she has two options: 1. You can be counseled out of the program into being a straight English major, or 2. You can be given a second opportunity to be interviewed. Option 2 occurs if the interview board feels that there were extenuating circumstances that affected the candidate's performance. If the candidate fails the interview a second time, then he or she is counseled out of the program.

Are there general expectations for BS SEC ED students in the classroom?

English BS SEC ED candidates are held to high standards in terms of Content Area Knowledge, Disposition, and Skills. Any English professor who teaches a candidate is asked by the Program Director to monitor that student in terms of these three standards. In terms of course expectations, the classroom performance of all candidates accepted into the program are judged in terms of Preparedness, Attendance, and Engagement in all of their English courses. It is important to know that should any problems arise, your advisor may be asked to call a meeting with the candidate to discuss his or her academic work.