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Welcome to the Professional Program in English, where superstar teachers are born!

For more than 150 years, CCSU has been dedicated to providing a quality education to its teacher candidates. That commitment remains strong. It is the goal of the Professional Program in English to provide Connecticut schools and school districts—as well as schools and districts throughout America—with well-qualified, well-trained, energetic and dedicated English/language arts educators.

The CCSU Professional Program in English is designed to provide teacher candidates with strong content knowledge as well as cutting-edge, research-based pedagogical skills. With regard to content, students take survey courses in British, American and World literature; they then move on to upper level courses in literary theory, American and British literature, young adult literature, cinema, and linguistics. For training in pedagogy, students take courses on teaching canonical literature, the teaching of mechanics, the teaching of writing, the use of technology in the English/language arts classroom, and methods of teaching English. They also take relevant courses in the School of Education.

In several professional program courses, a valuable field component places pre-student teacher candidates in public school classrooms where they work closely with practicing English/language arts teachers and their students.

The English Department faculty is comprised of scholars, writers and researchers—all of whom are dedicated teachers. Class sizes are small and intimate; they allow professors to work closely with their students, providing them with insightful feedback and strong encouragement.

Because both the director and assistant director of CCSU's Professional Program in English are widely published writers of academic as well as creative works—both regularly teach creative writing courses— the program is strongly flavored by a writerly consciousness. Teacher candidates are encouraged, even gently pushed, to identify not only as teachers but as teacher/writers. We firmly believe that this identity promotes in our candidates a deeper understanding of, a greater enthusiasm for, and a comfort with, the teaching of writing as well as the teaching of literature.

Below, find more information on our program. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Steven Ostrowski, Director, at ostowskis@ccsu.edu or Dr. David Cappella, Assistant Director, at cappellad@ccsu.edu.

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