English - Advising General Policies

Department of English


General Policies Good to Know


Students may repeat any course up to a total of 17 credits. Repeated courses must be taken at CCSU and have the exact same course number (if Topics course, the exact same topic). Both grades will appear on the transcript, but only the most recent grade will be computed in the GPA. Grades in repeated courses beyond 17 credits will be averaged (although the credits will only count once).


Any grade of “I” will revert to “F” 8 weeks into the next regular semester. A faculty member, however, can change that “F” to whatever grade the student earns if he/she is willing to accept work that late. Any incomplete more than 1 year old, though, will also require the approval of the Dean.


The lowest grade that will allow a course to count for a major or minor is C-.


Courses taken for Gen. Ed. credit - student only needs to pass, so a grade of D- or higher allows the student to count the course.

MATH 101:

MATH 101 must be passed with a grade of C- or higher.


only free electives can be taken pass/fail.


Students may double count 6 credits total from major or minor to Study Areas, and an additional 6 credits total from major or minor to Skill Areas.


Students who complete an Associate’s Degree from a Community College in Connecticut may be eligible to have the minor requirement waived if the Associate’s Degree is in a subject area (not General Studies) other than the student’s major at CCSU.


Students who need to take a remedial course (MATH 099, ENG 099) must do so within their first 24 credits at CCSU or they will not be allowed to continue at CCSU or any other university in the CSU system. While credits received for Math 099 and/or ENG 099 are included in the student’s total earned credits and computed into the GPA, they are not counted as academic credit toward graduation and should be subtracted when evaluating a student’s progress toward graduation.