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Mechanical Engineering Technology



Program Description:

The Mechanical Engineering Technology is a very broad field.  Our program provides relevant industrial experience within the academic environment through laboratory projects, experimentation, classroom lecture, and demonstrations. Students have access to state-of-the-art computer facilities, materials testing, power transmission, fluids, automation, and manufacturing laboratories. Students gain experience with computer software (CAD, CIM, and FEA - all widely used in industry) for incorporation into projects, associated with key manufacturing areas typical of projects carried out in industry. The program places emphasis on mechanical design, component analysis, and product development. 

Career Outcomes:

Graduates can expect to obtain leadership positions involving applied engineering. Job titles held by our graduates include Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineer, and Tool Designer. Upon graduation, students can anticipate both local and national employment opportunities. The Mechanical Engineering Technology program provides graduates with the versatility of pursuing careers in product design, structural analysis, and manufacturing. Many companies such as Loctite, Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky Aircraft have consistently chosen our graduates for placement into competitive engineering positions.

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Dr. Steven Kirstukas