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Program Description:

The Manufacturing Engineering Technology program provides graduates with solid knowledge and readily marketable skills in the area of applied engineering. This knowledge and skill will enable them to adapt readily to a wide variety of technical and managerial careers. The Manufacturing ET curriculum provides a foundation in sciences complemented by general technical courses in mechanical and manufacturing disciplines, as well as manufacturing-specific technical courses. The general technical courses, focusing on the practical application of engineering knowledge, include the subject areas engineering materials and mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics, electronics and electric power, CAD/CAM, geometric tolerancing, design, and engineering economics. The manufacturing-specific courses cover subjects in manufacturing processes, CNC, robotics, metrology, quality assurance, facilities layout, composites and plastics, design for manufacturing, computer-aided planning and control of production and projects. All technical courses have an extensive practical component conducted in various laboratories where students engage in "hands-on" application of theory. The use of state-of-the-art computer tools used by major corporations is emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Career Outcomes:

Based on their ability to apply engineering solutions to real-world problems, our graduates are highly sought-after by industry recruiters. Examples of positions held by Manufacturing Engineering Technology graduates include Manufacturing Engineer, Application Engineer, Tool Design Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Process Development Engineer and Project Engineer.  Our graduates work for companies that manufacture helicopters, jet engines, satellites, fuel cells, submarines, and many other cutting edge products. Manufacturing Engineering Technology seniors are eligible to take the F.E. (Fundamentals of Engineering) Exam, which, coupled with the requisite amount of engineering experience is the first step in becoming a Licensed Professional Engineer.

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

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Dr. Zbigniew Prusak