Economics - Mission

Department of Economics


Mission of the Economics Department

The Department of Economics, an integral member of the Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The Department has a commitment to prepare students to be thoughtful, responsible, successful and involved citizens in a rapidly changing world. The Department also aspires to increase students’ understanding of the (1) various schools of economic thought and (2) the interconnectedness of the social and behavioral sciences. In preparation for the significant future evolution in economic thought that is likely to take effect in the coming years, the Department seeks to maintain a faculty that includes members from various schools of thought, both orthodox and heterodox. To enhance the educational process and the scholarly reputation and profile of the Department, faculty members engage in research and offer their expertise to inform community decisions and debate. In particular, we value theoretical, applied, experimental, historical, and policy-oriented research that can be integrated into the courses that we teach. The Department takes pride in its collegial and supportive environment. Moreover, the Department is comprised of great colleagues that support each other on matters related to teaching, research, service, and professional development.

We are an enthusiastic group of educators who rely on diverse techniques to adapt to the different learning styles of our students. Our ultimate goal is for students to think like economists in their own right; not simply to learn the arguments of various schools of thought.

We are a dynamic group of researchers that values and supports a diverse research agenda, with respect to both field of interest and methodology. We are also ready to offer constructive criticism on each other’s research. Acknowledging our relatively high teaching and service loads we value and appreciate both solo-authored and co-authored research from our members.

As a group of supportive colleagues, we understand that both the short-term operations and long-term vitality of the department depend upon the ongoing efforts and forward-looking planning of all group members. We also understand that we have certain service responsibilities within the Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the University, and we take our service responsibilities seriously. The Department strives to have an equitable distribution of service duties among its members.

The mission of the Economics Department is subordinate to the respective missions of both Central Connecticut State University and the Carol A. Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. To that end, the Department recognizes that higher education is an extraordinary tool to advance the personal, social, intellectual, and professional growth of students. As such, the Department has:

  • Designed a rigorous and structured undergraduate program of study in economics which meets the requirements of all nationally recognized graduate programs.
  • Committed a substantial amount of faculty resources to service the needs of the Schools of Business, Engineering, Science and Technology, and Education and Professional Studies, as well as the General Education requirements of the University.
  • Committed itself to serve the people of Connecticut by sharing faculty skills and expertise with the community.
  • A commitment to promote global understanding through seminars and faculty exchanges.