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Message from the Director

helenThe East Asian Center welcomes you to Central Connecticut State University!

At Central we are committed to student success through the quality of our wide-ranging and distinctive academic programs. You will find a caring, helpful, dedicated and talented faculty and staff, representing a diversity of nationalities and cultures. You will also meet fellow students from your country and different countries around the world who are equally excited to be a part of Central’s learning community.

The East Asian Center is devoted to serving the interests and needs of Asian and Asian American students and helping to create a supportive environment for living and studying. In this regard, EAC provides a range of support services, advising and mentoring services, as well as cultural, social and co-curricular programs. You can always access the information you need from the Center’s website, by emailing me at EAC@ccsu.edu, or by simply coming into my office on the second floor of Barnard Hall, Room 209. I will be available to address academic or personal concerns.

I welcome you to take full advantage of the educational, social, and cultural support opportunities through the East Asian Center. It is our goal to ensure that you have a memorable and exciting experience of being a Central student from the start of your program to the completion of your studies. It is our hope that you will find CCSU as the perfect match for you.

The East Asian Center looks forward to serving you!



CCSU East Asian Center Expresses Heartfelt Condolences to Indonesia

Our hearts and prayers go out to our Indonesian faculty, students, and their families and friends, and the men, women and children in Indonesia. We are deeply saddened by the devastation and loss of lives caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami. We hope for your country’s speedy recovery from the consequences of this disaster. The East Asian Center is here to support and help you to cope with the impact of this tragedy. Please come and see us in Barnard Hall, Room 209 or contact 860-832-2175.

For members of the CCSU community who wish to help victims of Indonesia’s earthquake and tsunami, please go to https://mashable.com/article/indonesia-earthquake-tsunami-how-to-help-victims/  for a list of highly-rated organizations "that are focused on delivering general aid and relief and hygiene kits, as well as food, water, toilet, and basic shelter."

Sincerely, Dr. Helen R. Abadiano Director, East Asian Center