The Office of Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention

Office for Equity & Inclusion


John Lewis Institute for Social Justice

Contact Information

Davidson Hall  - Room 119
Office Phone: (860) 832-1652
Office Fax: (860) 832-2146

Dr. Stacey A. Miller 
Vice President for Equity & Inclusion
Director, John Lewis Institute for Social Justice
Interim Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Jill Bassett-Cameron
Senior Equity & Inclusion Officer/Title IX Coordinator

Erin Rodas
Administrative Assistant

Lindsey Hammell
Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Specialist
Office of Victim Advocacy
Willard DiLoreto Hall D-305

The Office of Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention


Downloadable FlyerThe Office of Victim Advocacy is an on-campus resource for people who have been impacted by interpersonal violence, which can include (but is not limited to) sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. The Office of Victim Advocacy is located in Willard DiLoreto Hall, room D-305.

If you or someone you know has experienced interpersonal violence, please know that there are people on the CCSU campus and in the local community who are here to help. You are not alone. You may have questions about where to start. CCSU employs a full-time professional advocate dedicated to assisting victims/survivors.

For victim advocacy services, please contact Lindsey Hammell at 860-832-3795.

Services provided in the Office of Victim Advocacy:


  • Emotional support
  • Information and referral for on- and off-campus resources
  • Information about reporting options
  • Information about civil protection orders, restraining orders, and victim rights
  • Assistance with changing academic, living, transportation, or working situations
  • Support with academic accommodations

Prevention and Awareness Programming

  • Presentations for students, faculty, and staff
  • Title IX Training
  • Bringing in the Bystander Training
  • Campus-wide violence prevention campaigns
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities

notyourfaultIf you have experienced sexual violence, intimate partner violence, or stalking...

You should consider seeking medical care. You may need to receive basic medical treatment for injuries and you may have injuries of which you are not aware at this time. You have options for medical attention.

  • Call 911 for immediate assistance.

  • Contact Student Wellness Services for on-campus evaluation and advice at 860-832-1925. For off-campus evaluation, advice and the collection of medical evidence contact the Hospital of Central Connecticut at 860-884-5011. They are available 24/7 and are located at the New Britain General Campus at 100 Grand St. New Britain, CT 06050.

Please seek some form of emotional support. It is important not to neglect the emotions you may be experiencing right now. This may mean reaching out to a trusted friend, family member or a confidential professional counselor. There are many options for confidential counseling both on and off the CCSU campus. These options include:

Counseling and Wellness Center at CCSU

Willard DiLoretto 1st Floor
(860) 862-1927
Free. Confidential.

YWCA Sexual Assault Crisis Service
19 Franklin Sq. New Britain CT
(860) 223-1787 (24/7)
Free. Confidential.

Prudence Crandall Center (for Domestic Violence)
(860) 225-6357 (24/7)
Free. Confidential.

You may choose to file a report with the police. The report will be made within the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. If the incident occurred on campus you can call CCSU Police at (860) 832-2375 or dial 911 (24 hours/7 days). If you aren’t sure which law enforcement agency to contact, CCSU Police can assist you in making that determination.

Remember, no matter what, this was not your fault.

policeYou may also choose to file a report with CCSU. If the person who harmed you is a CCSU student you have the right to file a complaint through the CCSU Office of Student Conduct at (860) 832-1667. The complaint will be investigated and it will be determined if the student broke a CCSU policy and sanctions could then occur. All other complaints can be made to the Office of Equity & Inclusion at (860) 832-1652.

If the person who harmed you is not affiliated with CCSU at your request the university can still take actions for your protection and comfort on campus. Joanna Flanagan can provide more information on options for your specific situation. She can also assist you with making reports to CCSU and law enforcement.


You may want to talk to someone in a campus area or department where you feel most comfortable. Staff at the below departments are there for you. Please note that the CCSU Counseling Center is the only on-campus confidential resource. Staff in the below areas are not confidential so it may be helpful to ask them what the limits to their confidentiality are before you sit down to talk.

Ruth Boyea Women’s Center, (860) 832-1655

LGBT Center, (860) 832-0441

Residence Life, (860) 832-1660

For further information these websites may be helpful:

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Links to the CCSU Sexual Harassment Policy, CCSU Sexual Misconduct Policy and other resources

Student Affairs 

  • Provides detailed information on resources for victims/survivors on and off the CCSU campus

Know Your Title IX

  • Provides clear information on Title IX and student rights on campus. Created by and for students.

Not Alone

  • Developed by a White House task force this website provides information on how to find a crisis service, student rights, and how to file a complaint.

National Sexual Assault Hotline 

  • National website that provides statistics, information and resources