Sexual Violence Protection Program

Office of Equity & Inclusion


Sexual Violence Prevention Program

What is SVPP?

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) is a required on-line program for all incoming CCSU students to complete. The interactive program provides information on healthy versus unhealthy relationships, consent, different forms of sexual violence, strategies for identifying and interrupting sexual violence, and how to help victims/survivors.

How does it work?

Click here to access SVPP. When you first access the program, you will be prompted to enter basic demographic information about yourself. You will then begin the SVPP program.

How do you know I completed the program?

  1. After completing the on-line program you will see a box that says "Verify Completion of Your Entry." Click on it. Then click on "Yes, I want to verify."
  2. You will then be asked to provide your name, e-mail and CCSU Banner ID (Nine digit number on your Blue Chip Card).
  3. You will then select Joanna Flanagan’s name in the "Send my Verification to" box.
  4. Then click "next" to complete the verification.
  5. Click on Joanna Flanagan’s name to notify her that you completed the program. Then click "submit."

It is strongly suggested that you also print the Certificate of Completion for your records.

Please note: The verification process will only let us know that you completed the program. Your answers to the program questions will remain confidential.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed to Joanna Flanagan, Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention Specialist.