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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Mining?

Using sophisticated statistical techniques and software, data mining is the search for significant patterns and trends in large databases. This provides information crucial to helping businesses and industries improve products, marketing, sales, and customer service. With a CCSU Master's degree in data mining, you'll be in high demand as employers look for experts to make sense of ever-increasing mountains of information.

What are the Applications of Data Mining?

Applications of data mining include fraud detection, credit card scoring and personal profile marketing. Skillful interpretation of data can enhance customer relations, direct marketing, trend analysis, financial market forecasting and international criminal investigations. Web mining, through which data is analyzed from the Web, helps business understand customer "click- stream" behavior online.

Why a Degree in Data Mining?

CCSU's master's degree program takes a comprehensive approach to training practitioners of the future. It focuses on statistical methodology, machine learning and business intelligence.

Why choose CCSU for a Master's Degree in Data Mining?

First, only CCSU offers a master's degree program in data mining through the convenience of online learning. Class is as close as your computer, whether in Connecticut or Calcutta, Boston or Beijing. Classes are available online, 24/7, through the Connecticut State University System's virtual classroom, OnlineCSU.

Second, the data mining faculty have broad experience and strong expertise in data mining, text mining, web mining, statistics, genomics/proteomics, and online teaching. For example the faculty have so far published three books on data mining, with two more in the pipeline.

Third, the program is affordable. With the high demand for data-mining expertise, you’ll discover that the tuition is an excellent investment in your future.

Fourth, the program is "hands-on" and very applied. You will learn data mining by doing data mining, using some of the most powerful and widespread software available.

What is required, and how do I learn more?

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree and be accepted into the CCSU Graduate Studies Program. To learn more about applying to the Graduate Studies Program, please visit Grad Studies.

Is it true that all courses are online?

Yes, all core and elective courses are fully online. 

Do I ever have to come to CCSU's campus?

For coursework the answer is no, you never have to come to our campus. However, candidates for the Master's degree in data mining will need to appear at the CCSU campus to give a talk on their master's thesis, usually during the last semester of study. Exceptions to this policy will be considered but require approval of the Chair of the Mathematical Sciences Department.

Can I transfer courses?

Students can transfer up to 9 credits, as long as those credits were not used toward a degree at another institution.

Does the Master's Degree in Data Mining require a thesis?

Yes, the M.S. degree does require a thesis, which is called the Plan A capstone in the Graduate Catalog. Look under the Mathematical Sciences subsection in the School of Arts and Sciences section for more details. The Graduate Certificate in Data Mining, however, has no thesis nor comprehensive exams.

I am an international student, and the Grad School application says that I must submit a Declaration of Finance form. But I read somewhere that data mining students are exempt. What is the policy?

International students applying to the online Master of Science program in Data Mining are NOT required to submit a Declaration of Finance form.

I am an international student, but have an undergraduate degree from a school in the United States. Do I still need to submit a TOEFL score?

No. We would waive the TOEFL requirement based on the student fulfilling their English requirements through the Bachelor's degree here in the US.