Membership - Sexual Misconduct Task Force - CCSU

Sexual Misconduct Task Force


Task Force Members

President Toro appointed the following individuals to the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct, Bullying, and Campus Climate:

Richard Spada, Chair; Senior Global Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, Novartis

Bill Panetta, Director of Leadership Development, United Technologies (retired)

Ululy Rafael Martinez, Attorney

Victoria Minervino, CCSU Student Government Association

Kristina Rodrigues, CCSU Student Government Association

William Fothergill, Associate Counselor, Student Wellness Services - Counseling 

Jean Alicandro, Director of Residence Life

Fiona Pearson, Professor, Department of Sociology; Member of the Committee on the Concerns of Women; Co-Chair, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program

Shelly Jones, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Sinead Ruane, Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Organization

Jeremy Visone, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership & Instructional Technology

Cecilia Perez-Colon, Contract Compliance Specialist, Business Services

Yvonne Kirby, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Natalie Ford, Secretary of the CCSU Learning Center