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Sexual Misconduct Task Force


President's Statement on Campus Culture

After hosting an open forum with students, staff, and faculty on April 17, President Toro issued the following statement:

In my opening remarks at the forum, I expressed deep concern about the information coming to light, during the past week, of a faculty member’s reputation and long history of alleged sexual misconduct and other abuses.

This behavior on our campus and in our community and the practice of minimizing such behavior must end. I am passionately committed, as your president and as a woman, to follow this to the end. Certain aspects of this problem — the behaviors and attitudes of the past — I cannot change. As for those responsibilities and policies over which I do have the authority, I pledge to you significant change.

My two major goals at the forum were to provide an update on where our investigations stand and to listen to you.

The updates I can highlight without comprising the integrity of our investigations include:

Central’s policy that complaints must be filed within 90 days of an incident was set decades ago. Though it is legal, in today’s environment we must review the policy.

To immediately address my concerns about communications, we launched the Campus Culture Concerns webpage yesterday. It provides a new tool to expedite communication from faculty, staff, and students to my administration.

I am establishing a Task Force that will be charged with identifying best practices in these areas to help determine our next steps.

Meaningful, enduring change does not come easily, nor does it take place in a vacuum. I will continue to reach out to you for additional input, expertise, and participation.

We have much to do to examine what has and has not happened in the past while we cultivate a healthier campus culture — one that is inclusive and safe.