CT Geography Challenge

CT Geography Challenge


Contact Information

Dr. Cynthia Pope, Ph.D.

Kathleen Ryan

29th Annual CT High School Geography Challenge

Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 9AM—2:30PM

What is the Geography Challenge?

It’s a fun and challenging competition for Connecticut high school students to test their geographic knowledge, understandings, and skills through a variety of team activities.   Participants compete as a team of 3—5 students from grades 9—12 against other teams from across the state in a daylong series of events centered on a theme.  The theme for 2020 is “GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE” and will include geographic topics such as location, place, region, movement, human / environment interaction, as well as history, science, and current events.

Who should enter the Challenge?

The event will challenge students with interests in geography, history, science, and current events.

Why enter the Challenge?

  • The Geography Challenge offers students the opportunity to develop & test their geography knowledge, understanding, and skills in a fun and exciting environment.
  • The Geography Challenge requires students to use 21st century global and cultural literacy knowledge and skills in its activities.
  • At the Geography Challenge students use skills measured in the Connecticut social studies frameworks, the Common Core standards, and the C3—College, Career, and Civic Life—Frameworks.
  • This is the only statewide geography competition for Connecticut high school students. 
  • Students who were involved in the National Geographic Geography Bee in middle school find the CT High School Challenge an exciting way to keep up their interest in geography.

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