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Hyflex Training Resources

Classroom Face Mask Protocol: 

You must be wearing a face mask properly and securely before entering any classroom.  

  • The wearing of face masks is required in all campus buildings.  
  • Bandanas, scarves, or stretched shirts are not considered safe alternatives for face masks. 
  • Masks must cover the nose and mouth and have tension that reasonably seals both the top and bottom of the mask. 

During the fall semester, mask dispensing stations will be offered at five locations on campus: the former University smoking huts and a drive-up depot located at the top of Arute Parking Lot. Additionally, during first two weeks of the semester, supplies of masks will be in tents outside of academic buildings.  

Individuals who have underlying medical conditions and have been advised by a medical professional to refrain from wearing a face mask or other PPE, shall not come to campus. Students, before coming to campus, must contact the Office of Student Disability Services for further instructions. 

Students who do not comply with this policy will be asked to leave the classroom and reported to the COVID Hotline at (860) 832-3200. The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR) will follow up and sanctions may result.  Please consult for more information. 

Remember, my mask protects you, and your mask protects me. The Blue Devil family is all in this together! 


View Recorded HyFlex Training Webinars

August 17 HyFlex Webinar: Walking you through HyFlex with the IDTRC and CTFD
password to view: pS4tQC6U


IDTRC Training Materials

Hyflex Web Conferencing:

Blackboard Collaborate

Microsoft Teams

WebEx (and WebEx Training Center)

HyFlex Comparison Grid

If this is your first time teaching a HyFlex Classroom for a course you must complete these steps first before you go to the next step:

  1. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: Add Kaltura Media Gallery to Blackboard Course Menu

Next Step:

Now you should have the upcoming live sessions pre-uploaded into your Media Gallery. You won’t have to worry about doing these steps again for your course for the rest of the semester. Now continue to the steps in the following guides:

Follow these steps for EACH of your HyFlex Live Sessions:

  1. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: Prepare & Start a Live Broadcast
  2. Now choose the app-specific guide that applies to you:
    1. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: Present PowerPoint & Chat
    2. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: Show YouTube Video & Chat
    3. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: Show Document Camera & Chat

Optional Extra Guides:

  1. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: Re-position Classroom Camera & Create Presets (Optional)
  2. HyFlex Kaltura Classroom How To: End Broadcast Early (Optional)

View the full IDTRC Service Catalog


HyFlex Training Materials

Identifying and Matching Up the Inputs and Monitors in YOUR Classroom

How to Select Primary Monitor in Older Versions of PPT

How to rename a Kaltura recording


HyFlex Training Videos

HyFlex Classroom Part 1: Introduction to the Crestron control box

HyFlex Classroom Part 2: Introduction to the Kaltura Classroom system

HyFlex classroom Part 3: Using media (e.g. PPT) and a chatbox

HyFlex classroom Part 4: The View from the audience 

HyFlex Classroom Part 5: How to Start a HyFlex Broadcast

HyFlex Classroom Part 6: How to End a HyFlex Broadcast

A special note for those teaching in "21st Century Rooms"

Using the primary input to check the camera

How to set up an easy chatroom 

How to doublecheck your scheduling in Kaltura


Blackboard Collaborate YouTube Training Resources

Jay Melnyk’s Blackboard Collaborate Tips and Training on YouTube



Student Views in Hyflex

Watch the following video to learn how students will watch the live HyFlex classroom broadcasts and recordings: 

How students can use the chatroom to communicate with the instructor during live broadcasts: 

How students can watch a live broadcast and chat simultaneously in side-by-side windows: