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What Can I Do With A Major In Anthropology ?

Anthropology means "the study of people." It assumes that generalizing about human life takes an integrated study of human biology and culture, past and present, and simple and complex lifeways. Anthropology is comprised of four sub-fields. Cultural anthropology describes and explains variation in human cultural and social types. Biological anthropology explains the physical nature and development of humankind. Archaeology considers past human life and how societies grow, change, and become extinct. Linguistics examines human communication processes.

The anthropology major at the University provides students with a broad social and behavioral science background and prepares the student for a range of careers, from public service to marketing and international management. With the exception of some technical positions such as chemist or computer programmer, anthropology graduates are qualified for almost every occupation that all other Arts and Science graduates seek. These include business fields such as management, sales, and research. These also include positions in government service, in media, and non-governmental organizations as well. An anthropology degree also qualifies students for entry into a large number of graduate programs, including business, law, social work, and public health.

The Department of Anthropology has a number of special programs and resources. An annual summer archaeological field school provides experience in archaeological excavation and analysis. The microfiche and on-line human relations area files in the Burritt Library Serials department is an easy-to-use system for cross-cultural research. There is also an extensive collection of human skeletal materials and fossil casts for education in biological anthropology. Extensive internship opportunities and summer field schools in cultural anthropology are also available.

Visit CCSU’s Anthropology Department webpage here.

Sample of Related Occupations





Employment Recruiter

Family Service Counselor

Forensic Anthropologist

Genetic Counselor

Health Science Administrator

Immigration Inspector

Indian Affairs Researcher

Industrial Organizational-Psychologist

Insurance Claims Adjuster




Market Research Analyst 

Medical Anthropologist


Probation Officer

Public Health Educator

Social Service Agency Planner

Social Worker

Urban & Regional Developer

For additional information on each occupation or any others you may be considering, please visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook, a nationally recognized source of career information, put together by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Professional Associations & Additional Career Information

American Anthropological Association

American Association of Physical Anthropologists

American Libraries Association

American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology

High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology

Pan American Health Organization

Society of American Archivists

Society for Applied Anthropology

Society for Medical Anthropology

World Health Organization

Internships, Co-ops and Employment Opportunities

Anthropology majors may find experiential opportunities or employment in a number of areas depending on your skills, abilities and experience. Career-related internships and co-op placements are a great avenue to establishing yourself as a qualified candidate for full-time, professional-level career opportunities after graduation.

The following list of employers and job titles shows opportunities where the employer was specifically looking for anthropology majors. This list is meant to be a resource for further career-related investigation and DOES NOT REFLECT current openings. To look for current openings, please visit College Central Network, CCSU's online job, internship, and co-op database, on the Career Success Center website here.

Central Area Health Education Center - Summer Institute Instructor

Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Management Trainee

ING - Customer Contact Center Representative

New England Revolution - Community Relations Internship

State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management - Legislative Internship

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Patient Services/Campaign Internship

Travel & Teach - English Teacher (teaching in South Korea)

Trumbull Services - Subrogation Speciaist

U.S Department of Agriculture - Plant Protection Aid/Tech

U.S Environmental Protection Agency - Environmental Physics Research Contractor