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What Can I Do With A Major In...?

Career Development Office offers insight into jobs available to you after you graduate.

“What Can I Do With A Major In…” has been designed as an extensive resource aimed at assisting students in making a connection between a major and career options. Each major offered at CCSU is profiled and includes an overview of the major, a list of related occupations, links to career-related web resources as well as a listing of recent employment, internship, and cooperative education opportunities that were available to CCSU students.

file icon  Accounting
file icon  Anthropology
file icon  Art
file icon  Athletic Training
file icon  Biochemistry
file icon  Biology
file icon  Biomolecular Sciences
file icon  Chemistry
file icon  Civil Engineering
file icon  Communication
file icon  Computer Engineering Technology
file icon  Computer Science
file icon Construction Management
file icon  Criminology
file icon  Economics
file icon  Electronics Technology
file icon  English
file icon  Exercise Science & Health Promotion
file icon  Finance
file icon  Geography
file icon  Geological Science
file icon  Design (Graphic/Information)
file icon  History
file icon  Hospitality & Tourism
file icon  Industrial Technology
file icon  International Studies
file icon  Journalism
file icon  Management
file icon  Manufacturing Engineering Technology
file icon  Marketing
file icon  Math
file icon  Mechanical Engineering
file icon  Mechanical Engineering Technology
file icon  Management Information Systems
file icon  Modern Language
file icon  Music
file icon  Nursing
file icon  Philosophy
file icon  Physics
file icon  Political Science
file icon  Psychology
file icon  Social Work
file icon  Sociology
file icon  Teacher Education
file icon  Theatre