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The Career Success Center (CSC), offers a variety of opportunities for potential employers to meet students. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship that serves our students while meeting your recruitment goals.

Career Fairs

Central Connecticut State University has several career fairs scheduled throughout the academic year.  Each fair is open to current students, alumni and also outside visitors.  These participants are expected to come dressed for success to meet with representatives of various profit and non-profit businesses from various areas of the state.  Central's highest attended fair is the Internship and Career Fair which is scheduled semi-annually on the second Tuesday during the months of February and October. Between 75 and 80 companies come to recruit students for job openings and career opportunities.   Businesses benefit by having the biggest opportunity to meet over 500 students that attend each of these phenomenal events.

Additionally, other fairs that are dedicated to specific majors are held during the fall semester:  The Accounting Fair is in September and three others in October for those interested in Computing and Digital Technologies; Construction Management; and Engineering & Manufacturing.   Another is scheduled during the spring semester in April for those students whose majors are in the arena of Educational and Professional Studies.  

For those companies and businesses who are interested in attending any career fair, an invitation request must be completed on the appropriate link as follows:

Employers: Request a Career Fair Invitation

VIP with CSC

Similar to a career fair, VIP with CSC allows a limited number of employers to meet with students on a casual basis. Dates are scheduled once a month for a two-hour program throughout the academic year and takes place in a high traffic area of our new state of the art building, Willard DiLoreto Hall.  Students are invited to meet with representatives to discuss hiring needs while learning what potential companies may have to offer.

A tabling opportunity (is similar to the VIP with CSC Program because it) allows various companies and organizations to spend time at Central Connecticut State University to introduce themselves, their businesses and services or products to the current students on campus.  Tables and chairs are provided in a high traffic area as a most convenient presentation mechanism for employers and the event is scheduled for their convenience.  It easily allows for student interaction as students walk by on their way to and from class.  This program can be promoted to students ahead of the visit and scheduled in either Willard DiLoreto Hall or the Student Center.

On-Campus Interviews
The Career Success Center provides various employers with the opportunity to conduct on-campus interviews with current students.  Employers may reserve private space to meet selected students who fit the criteria for positions in their company.  Contact the Center to discuss times and requirements.

Cooperative Education Overview

Through Co-op, employers are able to select students best suited to fill their needs before those students graduate. Co-op students are hired on a temporary basis and tested on the job for a predetermined period of time. There are two work blocks: January-June and July-December. Hiring Co-ops is very cost effective. You are not required to offer Co-op students employee benefits nor are they eligible for unemployment compensation at the conclusion of their work block. Unlike other temporary hiring arrangements, there are never any fees or service charges associated with our program. Satisfied employers can either hire these students as permanent employees at a fraction of the traditional recruitment cost or opt to select another Co-op student.

Cooperative Education / Internships / On-Campus Employment
Explore the valuable services that the Career Success Center provides for students. Including Cooperative Education, Internships, and On-campus Employment.

Internships Overview

Information for Employers:
Employers interested in posting internships should contact the appropriate academic department and the Career Success Center. Department contact information is available through the A-Z index on the CCSU homepage. You can send your internship posting information to the Career Success Center at careers@ccsu.edu, or call us at 860 832-1615.

Internships for credit:
Internships are a required component of some academic majors and an optional component of others. Each academic department determines its own policies and procedures regarding internships for credit. Students interested in finding out more should contact their academic department.

Internships not for credit:
Students do not need academic approval for non-credit internship opportunities. However, it is important to investigate internship opportunities carefully in order to ensure that the experience will be a valuable means of exploring or advancing their knowledge of a career choice. The Career Success Center, located in Carroll Hall, Second Floor, can guide students in this process."

On-Campus Student Employment:
Hundreds of students work part-time on campus in almost every department. They perform a variety of jobs including assisting with general office functions, working in positions that require technical expertise, assisting with research and providing excellent customer service. Students who work on campus are more likely to remain in school and complete their degrees because they feel more connected to the university.

Available listings of part-time on-campus jobs for students can be found through College Central Network. Follow the link for more information about how to activate your account. Questions about seeking part-time on-campus employment may be referred to Linda Kaupas at 860-832-1630.

Once a student has been identified and hired by a university department, all required forms must be completed and signed, then submitted to the Payroll Office in Marcus White Annex 006. Required forms and supporting documents may be viewed and printed from the Payroll Office website. Questions about the payroll forms completion may be answered by calling the Payroll Office at 860-832-2503.