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MS in Software Engineering

Stay ahead of the curve in a constantly changing, rapidly advancing field or ramp up to join one of the fastest growing, in-demand professions. Fresh out of college or mid-career professional, the CCSU MS in Software Engineering is the ideal program for you!

Why a Master’s of Science in Software Engineering?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the broad and diverse field of software engineering is one of the most in-demand professions.* The MS in Software Engineering at CCSU provides a rich learning environment featuring expert Computer Science faculty with experience in multiple areas of the discipline who will help you build a solid foundation while enabling you to focus on particular areas to develop software solutions to real-life problems. CCSU Computer Science faculty are excellent at helping students develop effective communication skills for working with both management and clients, an essential component of career success.

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Grants and scholarships

Funded by a $1M grant from the National Science Foundation, AGILE Scholarship Program serves students in MS Software Engineering program who are enrolled on at least half-time basis. Students can receive up to $10,000 per year for up to three years, plus one more year to complete any pre-requisite coursework. This program provides students with industry-backed experiences; it also offers faculty and peer mentoring, as well as childcare support to qualified students.

The Curriculum

Core courses of our program include Design Patterns, Advanced Software Engineering, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, and Distributed Computing will provide you with a high level of competency in understanding and applying emerging concepts, principles, methods, and theories necessary for a successful career as a software engineer. The program also emphasizes the development of communication and presentation skills in a real-world team-based software development environment.

The Program

The program requires 33 credits to complete. Full-time students may complete the program in 18 months by taking classes offered during the summer semesters. The program consists of:

  • 12-credit core

  • 18 credits of specialization courses

  • 3-credit capstone course

A wide selection of specialization courses will provide a broad background in programming systems and languages, software development, testing and maintenance, database design, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, data mining, and data visualization.

Admission Requirements

  • BS in Computer Science degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with an undergraduate GPA of 2.70 or higher and a minimum of 3.00 or higher in any post baccalaureate coursework, or

  • BS in a related information technology field (with GPA per above) with a minimum of 18 credits of relevant Computer Science courses (CS 1, CS 2, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, and two advanced CS classes). May require an extra semester or a summer semester, or

  • BS in a STEM field (with GPA per above) with a minimum of 17 credits of relevant Math and Computer Science courses (Calculus I, Calculus II, Discrete Math, CS 1, and CS 2). Will require an extra semester.

Conditional Admission

If conditionally admitted (GPA 2.69 or below), students may take a maximum of six credits in the MS Software Engineering program during their first semester and must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the program. Based on a review after six credits in the program, the student may be fully admitted to the program.


*Software Developers: Occupational Outlook Handbook (March 2016): employment in software engineering profession projected to grow 19% for applications software developers, 17% for general software developers, and 13% for systems software developers, which are the highest projections compared to other computer occupations (12%) and much higher than the expected growth in all other occupations (7%). According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the main reason for such a rapid growth is the large increase in the demand for computer software.