Guidelines for Outdoor Venues/Events

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) while abiding by state safety requirements as related to COVID-19 health issues, recognizes that students, faculty and staff may need space for outdoor gatherings/events. To make such gatherings a possibility, CCSU has identified the following spaces to be used for outdoor events. To reserve an outdoor space, event organizers should call the Central Reservations Office at 860.832.1964 to make a request or they can setup a meeting with an Event Coordinator via Microsoft Bookings ( to talk about their planned program. The Central Reservations Office will happily help you identify the outdoor space that best meets the needs of your event and complies with University policies.

Starting Spring 2021, all reservable spaces will be available on Virtual EMS for your convenience!

Making a reservation is the best way to ensure proper seating and audio-visual equipment is available for an event. The University also recognizes that spontaneous gatherings are sometimes necessary. In these circumstances, groups may use any of the spaces below but should note that audio-visual equipment, chairs, and other amenities may be unavailable without prior notice.


  • Arute Field
  • Davidson Front Lawn
  • Dance Education Center Courtyard
  • Parking Lots
    • Kaiser
    • Student Center
  • Student Center Circle
  • Welte Hall Circle
  • Vance Green


  • Only University departments and recognized student organizations may apply for use of outdoor space;
  • Only CCSU students, faculty, and staff may participate in campus outdoor events to minimize exposure to COVID 19.

In addition to the guidelines above, the following polices and procedures must be adhered to:

Policies and procedures related to hosting outdoor events

The University will follow policies and procedures consistent with rules outlined by the State of Connecticut

  • Approved organizations as noted above may submit a request to host an outdoor event to the Student Center Central Reservations Office no less than two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • Event organizers are responsible for assisting with compliance with State of Connecticut and CCSU rules and guidelines as it relates to hosting such an event.
  • Capacity for the event will be identified based upon the location selected. Capacity for areas not yet defined will be reviewed for approval by the Chief Operating Officer prior to planning and marketing of said event.
  • Event organizers will be required to follow Space Marking Guides as recommended for external space usage.
  • Event organizers will monitor the use of masks at all times. Individuals to wear masks at all times while attending the event which cover the mouth and nose and fit snug around the both sides.
  • Event organizers are required to have volunteers to assist with social distancing requirements and practices of event attendees.
  • Event organizers are required to have extra new masks available to distribute for individuals wanting to attend event but did not bring mask as it is required for entrance.
  • All reserved outdoor events and gatherings are required to have event crew at event organizer’s cost to support admissions and social distancing policies.
  • All reserved outdoor events will be reviewed by police for staffing. Events required to have police scheduled will be charged for the police services.


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