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Policy Regarding use of Behind the Badge hours toward CRM 435 Credit

As part of the requirement for CRM 435: Field Studies in Criminal Justice Studies, students are required to complete 120 unpaid hours in a criminal justice or related agency. As a general policy, students have to complete all 130 hours while enrolled in the class. The reasons for this policy pertain to liability, academic integrity, and supervision.
In order to enroll in CRM 435, students must be of senior status (earned at least 86 credits), be in good academic standing, and have completed CRM 322 with a C- or better.
Several years ago we made an agreement with the newly established Behind the Badge program (offered by the West Hartford Police Department) to allow students to apply the 80 hours completed through the College Police Academy toward their CRM 435 requirement, regardless of when they took the course. This exception was granted because of the uniqueness of the program and its value to our students.
In the summer 2010, the Behind the Badge program was increased to 120 hours. Because students need to be actively participating in at least some of their hours while enrolled in CRM 435, we are only allowing students who are taking CRM 435 concurrently with the Behind the Badge program to count the entire 120 hours toward their 120 hour requirement. Students who intend to take CRM 435 at a later date can only count 80 hours from the program and must complete a minimum of 50 additional hours at an alternative internship.
If students have questions, they may contact the Internship Director at CCSU.

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