Criminology Advising and Course Selection
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Criminology & Criminal Justice


Contact Information

Vance Academic Center, Room 208
860.832.3014 (Fax)

Jessica Lloyd
RVAC, Room 208 

Reginald Simmons, PhD
RVAC, Room 20801 

Steven Block, PhD
Undergraduate Director
RVAC, Room 20803 

Michelle Cubellis, PhD
Graduate Director
RVAC, Room 407 

Kimberly Meyer, PhD
Internship Director
RVAC, Room 408 

Course Selection Process

First-Semester Freshmen

As a full-time first semester freshman you will be assigned an advisor. All full-time, first-semester freshmen will meet with their advisor to plan their second-semester schedule. Students who have declared Criminology as their major will be transitioned to our academic department at the start of their second semester in time to complete course selection for the first semester of sophomore year. 

Transfer Students

If you have been accepted by CCSU and at the time of admission have declared Criminology as your major, you should contact the Department of Criminology Secretary, Carmen Otero, at 860-832-3005 or to schedule an appointment with the department’s Academic Advisor for transfer students.

 During your appointment the advisor will provide you with an orientation to the Criminology Department and review credits from other colleges and universities that have been accepted by CCSU as listed on your Transfer Credit Evaluation. A Curriculum Worksheet will be completed indicating courses needed to satisfy your general education, cmajor, and minor requirements.

Current Criminology Majors

As a Criminology major, you will be assigned an advisor within the Department of Criminology. Your advisor will be one of the 14 full-time faculty members in the department. In most circumstances, you will retain the same advisor through graduation. In March of each year, you will receive an e-mail from your advisor about the process for registering for fall courses. In October, you will receive an e-mail from your advisor about the process for registering for spring courses. Of course, students are always encouraged to set up meetings with their advisor during office hours at any time during the academic year to discuss matters beyond course selection. Students do not need to obtain a personal identification number (PIN) to register for summer and winter courses.

If you do not know who your current advisor is, please click on the “Student Information” tab in Central Pipeline and your primary advisor will be listed there.  

Closed Course Policy

You will find that some courses are "closed." This means that no student may register for a closed course or even attend a closed course class in the hope that the course will be open at some time in the future. Although we want to accommodate every student's needs, we simply do not have enough resources in terms of professors or classroom space. Neither your advisor nor your professor can permit an unregistered student to "sit in" or enter a class that is closed.

Course Repeat Policy

As per University policy, students are allowed to repeat courses. However, after two attempts at the same course, they are not permitted to register for the course again without approval from the chair of the department offering the course. Students who fail to obtain a C- or better after two attempts will be removed from the major. In rare occasions, exceptions to this policy may be made after appeal to the department chair.