Governor William A. O'Neill Archives



Governor William A. O'Neill Archives

William Atchison O'Neill

oneill(August 11, 1930 - November 24, 2007) was a twentieth century U.S. political figure, most notably serving as Governor of Connecticut from 1980 to 1991.

The archives were established by Central Connecticut State University’s (CCSU) Center for Public Policy and Social Research to serve as a “repository for the papers of Connecticut’s political leaders - - former governors, members of congress, principal legislators and noted appointed officials.”

The collection can only be accessed through the Connecticut State Library's History and Genealogy Department. Materials are stored off site. Researchers should call before visiting the Library to make sure about availability.

Constituent correspondence, reports from state agencies, records of the Governor's legal counsel, records of special assistant David McQuade, correspondence and reports from the Governor's Washington Office, press releases, speeches, photographs and campaign materials including film and videotape.


An Inventory of His Gubernatorial Records at the Connecticut State Archives
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Governor William Atchison O'Neill Archives Oral Histories
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The Budget Addresses of Connecticut Governor William A. O’Neill (1981 – 1990)

The annual Budget Addresses of Governor William A. O’Neill were among the most significant speeches of his administration.

Because of their public policy implications, the budget speeches were painstakingly prepared by the Governor and his staff, and, after their delivery, thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by legislative leaders, the news media, and the public.

Governor O'Neill's addresses outlined his proposed spending and tax policies for each upcoming fiscal year. They served to convey his administration's financial and programmatic priorities for that year's legislative session.